How Govern 365 Leverages Copilot to Enhance Virtual Data Room Collaboration
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How Govern 365 Leverages Copilot to Enhance Virtual Data Room Collaboration

Published on April 26, 2024


After personal computers, the internet, and mobile devices, the next technological frontier is Artificial intelligence (AI). The basic principles of AI can be used in numerous applications to enhance user experience and increase efficiency. Microsoft’s AI initiatives with Copilot are far reaching and have major implications on how we work. In this blog, we will cover what those uses are and how AI can be used within a secure data sharing application such as Govern 365.

Govern 365’s underlying technology stack is based on Microsoft 365. With the vast array of ‘copilots’ being introduced by Microsoft, it’s only natural for Govern 365 Copilot to follow suit. Govern 365 Virtual Data Rooms will soon come equipped with the Govern 365 Copilot which will aid users in performing the following tasks:  

  1. Content discovery 
  1. Document summarization 
  1. Document generation 
  1. Data Room Security 
  1. Task automation

Content Discovery

With numerous files residing in a sea of folders, it can be challenging to pinpoint the exact file you need to answer a question. For example, if an investor wants to see the balance sheet for a prospect, they will be able to ask the Govern 365 Copilot a question like “Show me the 2023 balance sheet for ABC Corp”. This will trigger the copilot to extract the relevant information from documents in the current workspace and present it to the user. This results in increased efficiency by reducing the time it takes to find information.

Document Summarization

We will be able to ask the Govern 365 Copilot to summarize documents uploaded to the VDR. “Generate a summary for document ‘ABC Corp. Historic P&L and Valuation.xlsx'” or “summarize feedback by reviewers for document ‘ABC Valuation Model.docx’ are examples of questions to the Govern 365 Copilot will significantly cut down on review time for prospective acquisition targets. AI algorithms can extract key information from documents, such as dates, names, financial figures, and other relevant data points. This helps users perform an AI assisted review to quickly identify and analyze critical information without manually reading through lengthy documents. 

When reviewing a document in Office web viewer, you’ll also be able to interact with a chatbot to answer relevant questions about that document using the semantic search capabilities of AI models.

Govern 365 VDR Whitepaper

Document Generation

Creating documents manually can be a chore especially if you already have templates you can reference. Copilot can leverage existing templates to create new documents for your business operations. For example, we can ask copilot: “Generate a Lease Agreement for Indian Wells property” and based on previous agreements, a brand-new file can be created with as much pre-populated data as you provide.

Data Room Security

Copilot powered security features can detect and prevent unauthorized access to the VDR. Advanced authentication methods, anomaly detection, and behavior analysis help ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data stored in the VDR. We can ask questions like “Which files are shared with <External user> in this data room and when were they accessed?” The resulting response would summarize the user’s permissions in the data room and use the reporting logs to generate a personalized audit log. 

Task Automation

Common manual tasks could easily be automated by simply asking the copilot. “Invite a new user Alex Kaplan from Main Street Bank to the data room and share the “Phase 1 Due Diligence” folder with him”. A task that may take 5-10 minutes to complete can be entirely offloaded by letting copilot perform the detailed steps in the background.   


By leveraging AI technologies, Govern 365 virtual data rooms become more efficient, secure, and user-friendly, offering enhanced capabilities for document management, collaboration, and decision-making during complex transactions and processes. Save precious time and effort by letting copilot assist you. The use cases discussed above are just the tip of the iceberg to get users acclimated to using co-pilot. Far more extensive use cases will arise with time and user familiarity.  

Please reach out to Govern 365 experts for more information about Govern 365 Virtual Data Rooms and find out what else is on the roadmap! 

Thanks for tuning in! 



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