Empower your Office 365 Governance plan with Govern 365

Office 365 is one of the highest deployed productivity tools today, with more than 85% of organizations taking advantage of its modern workplace platform. However, deployment of Office 365 is just the beginning of the journey. Many organizations overlook the fact that SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, OneDrive and the other workloads require appropriate governance to reap the benefits they have the capability of providing. It’s time now you maximize your ROI and make the most of your Office 365 investment.

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What is Govern 365? Office 365 Governance Application

Govern 365 is the tool that transforms your Microsoft 365 Governance Plan into action. Strike the perfect balance between user empowerment and administrative control. Gain actionable insights into where your administrators and collaboration change consultants should focus their time for maximum impact. Automate the implementation of your content lifecycle management policies. Leverage our governance platform to enable your admins, content owners and content consumers to achieve more.

Are you looking for more than just a product for automate your Office 365 Governance? We provide expert services to define your governance policies using industry best practices as well!

Address Office 365 Governance Challenges

Content Inventory
Content Inventory
Content Lifecycle Management
Content Lifecycle

provisioning request

Why should you choose Govern 365?

Applying a governance process doesn’t have to be difficult. With Govern 365 (Office 365 Governance Application), you can easily implement automated governance policies and get the most out of your Office 365 deployments. Govern 365 allows you to strike the right balance between user empowerment and administrative control.

Provisioning is at the heart of the governance process — it is where enacting governance policies begins. Prevent Office 365 Group and Site sprawl. Automatically disposition unnecessary collaboration spaces and Global Address List entries. Provision a containers with policies embedded for security, compliance and governance. And the list goes on…

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From our Customers

Brett Cox
Brett Cox Collaboration SpecialistKeysight Technologies

Powerful, Timesaving Governance

Netwoven’s Govern 365 is a comprehensive solution that has helped us apply governance policies to our Office 365 environment. It has helped ensure the right balance of administrative control and providing our users with the optimal empowerment. We no longer have our IT team manually processing requests for new SharePoint Sites and are especially saving a significant amount of time creating sites from our more complicated templates.

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Key Features

office 365 governance seeded content

Seeded Content

Pre-seeded templates, provisioning forms, workflow process and many more. so that you can start way ahead of others by already covering 85% of the journey even before you start.
office 365 governance template extraction

Template Extraction

Create a brand-new template of your choice from existing sites. Extracting templates from existing SharePoint sites is just a click away.
office 365 governance self service creation of office 365 containers

Self Service Creation of Office 365 Containers

Forget the pain of applying branding, web parts, information architecture, settings, permissions, and sharing constraints – just select a predefined template. SharePoint Sites, Teams, Outlook Groups and Yammer Groups are all supported for you.
office 365 governance powerful and customizable forms

Powerful and Customizable Provisioning Wizard and Forms

Not everyone has an Office 365 PhD. Help content owners select the right workload for the job and gather the necessary information through intuitive forms to ensure the ensuing content life cycle process can be automated and tuned.
office 365 governance provisioning process workflows

Provisioning Process Workflows

Integrate review process, approval process, training and other flows into your provisioning process.
office 365 governance provisioning directory

Provisioning Directory

Track your provisioning metadata in a provisioning directory (e.g.: site owners, department, cost center and many more).
office 365 governance content inventory

Content Inventory

Visualize your content inventory with powerful Power BI reports that support slicing and dicing your inventory based on data. It includes your custom provisioning metadata as well.
office 365 governance Content Lifecycle Management

Content Lifecycle Management

Manage content sprawl with smart disposition and intelligent recertification to ensure sanctity, security and compliance of your Office 365 environment
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Raise your Team Productivity and Collaboration

Raise your Team Productivity and Collaboration

Quick, self-service provisioning, consistent branding and friendly user interface and better information findability all lead to increased productivity, better collaboration and ultimately higher ROI.
Enhance your IT Efficiency

Enhance your IT Efficiency

Allow self-service site creation without compromising on consistency and control. Rely on a proven and guided process. Start with consistent and pre-defined templates rather than a blank slate. Optimize your IT investment by using a managed product.
Minimize Risk

Minimize Risk

Securing your information has never been easier. Consistent application of security policies helps you restrict access to the right employees, customers, partners and vendors.
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office 365 governance applicationoffice 365 governance applicationoffice 365 governance application

Due to the rapid adoption of Office 365, including Microsoft’s SharePoint, Groups, and Teams, it’s more important than ever for organizations to have effective centralized governance. Users must be able to quickly and safely provision new locations to collaborate without IT losing control of the environment.

Netwoven’s Office 365 Governance Application is a robust solution for addressing the governance of Office 365. Users can now self-provision and IT Admins can now appropriately track and monitor the provisioning, without losing control of their Office 365 environment.

Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace Technical Specialist

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