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Collaborate securely and stay compliant with easy to use Govern 365 powered by Microsoft 365

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Govern 365 Overview

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Introducing Govern 365

Secure Collaboration Solution for Microsoft 365

Secure Collaboration

Collaborate Securely

Confidently collaborate with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and other partners while protecting your sensitive data using Govern 365. It does so by using your existing Microsoft 365 infrastructure that you own.

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Secure Collaboration
Self Provisioning

Create New Workspaces

Automatically create new Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or Viva Engage workspaces in your Microsoft 365 environment using this self-provisioning feature.

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Self Provisioning

Manage Your Workspaces and Govern Intelligently

Manage the lifecycle of your workspaces in Microsoft 365 easily using intelligent insights, Smart Disposition, and Recertification features minimizing administrative overhead.

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Streamline your Data Management with Vault

Unlock the full potential of your data rooms with Vault, where security meets convenience. Experience a user-friendly platform that not only respects your data’s privacy but also enhances your ability to manage it efficiently.

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Rethinking Virtual Data Rooms Using Govern 365

Stop spending on purchasing expensive Virtual Data Room (VDR) solutions. Use Govern 365 to make your Microsoft workspace as a VDR. Download the whitepaper to learn more:

  • Securely share sensitive data with external partners
  • Provide a secure location for your external partners to share and/or collaborate on sensitive files with your organization
  • Harness cutting-edge security features such as blocking screenshots, screenshares, copy/paste, access revocation and many more
  • Ensure the protection of the most common file types such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDFs, and more
  • Empower users to confidently create and manage VDR’s with minimal IT overhead
Govern 365 Whitepaper

Secure Collaboration Use Cases

Research & Development

Product Development

Supply Chain Collaboration

Customer Collaboration

Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions

Board Meetings

Auditor Audits

Legal Proceedings

Legal Proceedings

Joint Deal Management

Financial Transfer and Fundraising

Financial, Planning and Analysis

Flexible plans allow you to grow at your pace and maximizing the use of your existing Microsoft 365 licensing reduces costs

Govern 365

Key Features

Unified Directory

Unified Directory

Minimally simple, yet elegant. Putting the functionality users need in one simple, easy-to-use interface

Made for Teams

Designed from the ground up for Microsoft Teams. It works across all devices, platforms, resolutions, and orientations

Information Protection

Native file encryption that is deeply integrated with Microsoft 365 using Microsoft Purview

Workspace Analytics

View key metrics about your workspaces and deep user activity reports

Guided Provisioning

Guided step-by-step request process makes creating new workspaces quick and easy

Template Based Workspaces

Highly customizable templates that allow your organization’s branding to flourish and provide a consistent experience across all workspaces

Insights  |  Testimonial

Brett Cox
Govern 365 is a comprehensive solution that has helped us apply governance policies to our Microsoft 365 environment. It has helped ensure the right balance of administrative control and provides our users with optimal empowerment. We no longer have our IT team manually processing requests for new SharePoint Sites and are especially saving a significant amount of time creating sites from our more complicated templates.
Brett CoxCollaboration SpecialistKeysight
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