Virtual Data Rooms for Secure Collaboration
Govern 365

Virtual Data Rooms for Secure Collaboration

Virtual Data Rooms Re-imagined with Microsoft 365 and Govern 365

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Why Govern 365 Virtual Data Rooms?
Govern 365 is the ultimate solution for secure collaboration, virtual data rooms, and compliance in Microsoft 365. This game-changing tool simplifies and automates data protection in both SharePoint and Teams using Microsoft Purview Sensitivity Labels, while providing a powerful and highly customizable template-driven provisioning process, deep content inventory reporting, and powerful workspace recertification with smart disposition. Contact us for a demo today!

Govern 365 Virtual Data Room Features & Benefits

Automatically protect your content using sensitivity labels

Take full advantage of Microsoft 365 rich collaboration features

Securely collaborate with internal and external users

Manage content and access label permissions together

Create and package your own custom VDR template

Track all user audit log activities using Power BI

Rethinking Virtual Data Rooms Using Govern 365 and Microsoft 365

Stop spending on purchasing expensive Virtual Data Room (VDR) solutions. Use Govern 365 to quickly create Microsoft 365 virtual data rooms or SharePoint online data rooms. Download the whitepaper to learn more:

  • Securely share sensitive data with external partners
  • Provide a secure location for your external partners to share and/or collaborate on sensitive files with your organization.
  • Harness cutting-edge security features such as blocking screenshots, screen shares, copy/paste, access revocation, and many more
  • Ensure the protection of the most common file types such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDFs, and more
  • Empower users to confidently create and manage VDRs with minimal IT overhead.
Govern 365 VDR Whitepaper
Virtual Data Room

The Govern 365 Data Room Edition Difference

Not all virtual data room Provider offerings are created equal. Many to most:

  • Don’t take advantage of Microsoft’s massive annual investment in security and compliance.
  • Require you to create multiple copies of documents in repositories that you do not have sovereignty over.
  • Provide no ability to track usage and set expiration date on offline copies or revoke access on-demand if malicious use is detected.
  • Lack rich collaboration features offered in Microsoft 365
  • Requires users to learn a solution-specific interface rather than using the software they already own and love.

Govern 365 Virtual Data Room Benefits

Total Document Security

Protects documents (online or offline) against editing, printing, copy/paste, or sharing by leveraging the Digital Rights Management technology natively built into ubiquitous Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat applications.

Seamless Collaboration Everywhere

Provide secure collaboration features, natively on both desktop and mobile/tablet, including rich co-authoring, to both internal and external users, using their corporate identity and authentication.

Complete Data Sovereignty

Your files are hosted in your own Microsoft 365 environment to ensure that you maintain complete data sovereignty over your files, increasing your security posture while lowering your operational costs

Leverage Govern 365 to Create Secure Virtual Data Rooms within Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, enabling safe and collaborative sharing with internal and external users

Minimize application & operating costs by leveraging your existing Microsoft 365 environment

You can avoid storage-based pricing and maintain data sovereignty because all data is stored and protected in your own tenant. Choose the plan that works for you!

Leverage Microsoft 365 or SharePoint to create secure data rooms in your own Microsoft 365 tenant for

Research & Development

Product Development

Supply Chain Collaboration

Customer Collaboration

Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions

Board Meetings

Auditor Audits

Legal Proceedings

Legal Proceedings

Joint Deal Management

Financial Transfer and Fundraising

Financial, Planning and Analysis

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