Govern 365 Virtual Data Room (VDR) Whitepaper
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Govern 365 Virtual Data Room (VDR) Whitepaper

Why Govern 365 Data Rooms?
Govern 365 data rooms are powered by an advanced information protection engine that weaves Microsoft’s native security features into a cloud-based SharePoint Online workspaces. Govern 365 leverages Microsoft Purview Sensitivity Labels to protects your business-sensitive documents using Microsoft Purview Information Protection’s advanced controls and restrictions of printing, screen capture/sharing, and saving/sharing, regardless of where your sensitive content ends up.

Download Whitepaper

Stop spending on purchasing expensive Virtual Data Room (VDR) solutions. Use Govern 365 to quickly create Microsoft 365 data rooms or SharePoint online data rooms. Download the whitepaper to learn more:

  • Securely share sensitive data with external partners
  • Provide a secure location for your external partners to share and/or collaborate on sensitive files with your organization.
  • Harness cutting-edge security features such as blocking screenshots, screen shares, copy/paste, access revocation, and many more
  • Ensure the protection of the most common file types such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDFs, and more
  • Empower users to confidently create and manage VDRs with minimal IT overhead.
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