Using Virtual Data Rooms for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
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Using Virtual Data Rooms for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Published on February 23, 2023


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is the consolidation of companies or assets through distinct types of financial transactions. An acquisition is when Company A takes over Company B, gaining control over Company B, and establishes itself as the new owner. A Merger happens when Company A and Company B decide to join forces and consolidate into Company C. Mergers and Acquisitions typically result in the consolidation of assets and liabilities and there seems to be a common factor all organizations look for when selecting a virtual data room for their Merger and Acquisition deals, time. M&A deals can overwhelm both buyers and sellers, burying them in a lot of paperwork, and wait time. This wait time leaves too much room for error, killing deals.

Using a virtual data room can allow you to work more collaboratively, effectively, and efficiently with your stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of the deal. Using the right Virtual data room for your M&A deal can help you close deals faster. Let us take a closer look at virtual data rooms and see how they can help you during Mergers and Acquisitions.

What is the role of a Virtual Data Room in M&A Deals?

Mergers and Acquisitions require vast amounts of information to be produced, exchanged, analyzed and collaborated on. Having a virtual data room enables users to participate in M&A transactions – whether they are buyers, sellers, or in between.

During an M&A transaction, specifically due diligence, investment banks, buyers, sellers, third parties, etc. need a place to store and share sensitive company information. This raises the question “How can I organize important due diligence documents and folders in an M&A data room to make the deal process easier for me and the other parties involved?” Let us take a closer look.

Preparing a Virtual Data Room for M&A involves:

  1. Gathering and Structuring Documents – It is important to consider — how what kind and how many documents will be required during the process, how much storage you will need to store all the sensitive documents, and how many users you expect to work within the Data Room.
  2. Assigning Administrators – Making sure you have at least two administrators to monitor and track user activity within your data room invites transparency and communication.
  3. Uploading Documents – Uploading documents relevant to the stage of the due diligence makes the data room efficient during the process. Having the ability to bulk upload documents by simply dragging and dropping them into the Data Room saves everyone a lot of time.
  4. Inviting Authorized Users – When it comes to inviting users, security is a top concern, and there are a few features to consider before you give the essential people access to your data room.
    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Advanced Encryption, Digital Watermarking, User Access Permission, and User Activity Tracking

Documents typically involved during an M&A include:

The most common documents included in an M&A transaction include:

  • Legal Documents, which would include, company and legal structure, trade-restricted individuals, by-laws, trademarks, etc.
  • Intellectual Property, which would include licenses, approvals, permits, certificates, etc.
  • Agreements, which would include shareholder agreements, lease agreements, etc.
  • List of current Shareholders, Officers, and Directors 
  • Customers, which would include customer contracts, a list of the company’s largest customers or channels, etc.
  • Supplier Documents, which would include, customer, supplier, third-party agreements
  • HR Documents, which would include CVs of key personnel, employee details, etc.
  • Finances and Taxes, which would include tax accounts, audited financial statements, etc.
  • List of Insurance Policies 
  • Current Management Reporting and Business Plans
Govern 365 VDR Whitepaper


A virtual data room serves as an advanced solution for effective work that brings a lot of value to the entire process. Some of the key takeaways to make sure you and your organization are bringing high value to the parties involved would include Security, Easy Collaboration, Time and Cost Savings, User Activity Tracking, Ease of Use, and Customizability.

Govern 365’s virtual data rooms are built to work with Microsoft 365 Teams and SharePoint to protect your sensitive information while ensuring data sovereignty. Built on Microsoft Purview, external and internal recipients can safely & securely take advantage of secure collaboration while having data stored in their own repository, while having an intuitive user experience that allows you, the IT Admin, to customize the product to suit your organizational needs. You will also be able to track all user activity within a specific Data Room to make sure your sensitive information is not getting into the wrong hands. Use SharePoint and Teams like you already do and rest easy knowing that all your sensitive information is protected no matter where it goes. You can download our VDR (virtual data room) Whitepaper to get more information about our key benefits and features.

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