Govern 365’s Virtual Data Room Update Ensures Unified Collaboration Using Teams & SharePoint 
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Govern 365’s Virtual Data Room Update Ensures Unified Collaboration Using Teams & SharePoint 

Published on October 28, 2022


Netwoven, Inc., a Microsoft Gold partner and leading Microsoft Cloud managed services provider announced the release of the enhanced version of its flagship product, Govern 365, a Microsoft 365 governance application that offers compliance functions as well as seamless and secure collaboration without boundaries.

Govern 365- New VDR Updates

The latest release comprises powerful features like Virtual Data Room (VDR) workspaces in Govern 365. VDRs are unique secure workspaces with features such as automatic content protection, user permissions management, secure collaboration with external users, auditing, tracking & reporting to enable compliance, content marking, drag & drop, and more. VDRs are being leveraged by global companies in several scenarios- mergers and acquisitions, joint deal management, customer collaboration, supplier collaboration, product development, research projects, board meetings, audits, legal proceedings, financial planning, and analysis, etc. 

“Netwoven is excited to bring VDR capabilities with its Govern 365 product”, says Niraj Tenany, President, and CEO of Netwoven. According to Niraj “Traditionally, VDRs were only used for M&A and capital raise scenarios by private equity firms, law firms, or anyone doing mergers and acquisitions. The traditional VDRs are not only expensive but also limit themselves to a few use cases, and they store the data externally in third-party repositories. With Govern 365 VDRs, organizations can use VDRs for additional use cases such as secure collaboration, and intellectual property management using the industry-leading Microsoft 365 platform. Organizations no longer are storing data in third-party repositories and are using organization’s security and compliance policies to manage data.” 

Launch Of All New Govern 365 Website 

Netwoven is pleased to announce the launch of its new Govern 365 website, which is mobile-responsive, and engaging. Kris Jonson, Director of Marketing- Netwoven says, “This new responsive website built on WordPress highlights the rich features of our product on any screen or resolution with deep immersion using animations, scroll, and Parallax effects. We really went all out with the new user interface and user experience with this new website build.”   

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