Microsoft 365 Data Room Solution using Govern 365

Govern 365 Data Room Features & Benefits

Automatically Protect your Content using Sensitivity Labels
Take Full Advantage of Microsoft 365 Rich collaboration FEatures
Securely Collaborate with Internal and External Users
Manage Content Access and Label Permissions together
Create and Package your own custom VDR templates
Track All User Audit Log Activities using PowerBI

Understanding Microsoft Purview Protection

Microsoft's Purview Protection is a cloud DRM technology that provides a secure and scalable solution for organizations to protect their intellectual property and sensitive information in the cloud. It provides a comprehensive set of tools and services for securing and controlling access to sensitive data and documents across various devices and platforms. Govern 365 is built on and for Microsoft Purview Information Protection. By integrating with Purview it offers a singular turnkey Purview Information Protection implementation, providing security-isolated/constrained content protection that keeps perfect alignment with effective content access control permissions.

Purview Protection Benefits
  • Provides protection of documents (online or offline) against editing, printing, copy/paste or sharing by leveraging the Digital Rights Management technology natively built into ubiquitous Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat applications.
  • Provide secure collaboration features, natively on both desktop and mobile/tablet, including rich co-authoring, to both internal and external users, using their corporate identity and authentication.
  • Leverages best of breed document management features built into Microsoft 365 such as storing documents in your own tenant (data sovereignty), encryption with keys that only you can access, in-browser editing and co-authoring, support for enterprise taxonomy, business workflows, and more.


The Govern 365 Data Room Edition Difference

Not all VDR offerings are created equal. Many to most:

  • Don't take advantage of Microsoft's massive annual investment in security and compliance.
  • Require you to create multiple copies of documents in repositories that you do not have sovereignty over.
  • Provide no ability to track usage and set expiration date on offline copies or revoke access on-demand if malicious use is detected.
  • Lack rich collaboration features offered in Microsoft 365
  • Requires users to learn a solution-specific interface rather than using the software they already own and love.


Govern 365 Data Room Edition leverages Microsoft Purview Sensitivity Labels in the securing and sharing of sensitive content, both internally and externally. It protects your business-sensitive documents using Microsoft Purview Information Protection’s advanced controls and restrictions of printing, screen capture/sharing, and saving/sharing, regardless of where your sensitive content ends up. Your content is always secured, using ubiquitous high-cipher encryption, that’s already installed on nearly every computer in the world, making it easy to open and share and impossible to steal or lose.

Leverage Microsoft 365 or SharePoint as Virtual Data Room for

Financial transfers and Fundraising
Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions
Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Collaboration across complex distributed supply chains
Board communications
Sensitive data exchange during client engagements
Joint Deal Management
Legal Proceedings
Research and Development

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Rethinking Virtual Data Rooms Using Microsoft 365 & Govern 365

In this whitepaper, learn how Govern 365 enables your team to easily use Microsoft 365 Workspaces (SharePoint Sites, Groups, Teams) as VDRs to securely share sensitive information. Using Govern 365, you can create VDRs in your Microsoft 365 tenant, download it today to learn more about how Govern 365 can:

  • Store data inside your Microsoft 365 tenant
  • Leverage the state-of-the-art security technologies provided with Microsoft 365
  • Protect a variety of content, including Office documents, PDFs, and many other file types
  • Create and package your own VDR templates for create by your users

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