Microsoft 365 Virtual Data Rooms using Govern 365

VDR Features & Benefits

Automatically Protect your Content using Sensitivity Labels
Drag and Drop Files
Collaborate with Internal and External Users
Manage Content Access and Label Permissions together
Leverage Document Content Marking
Track All User Activities

Building SharePoint Virtual Data Rooms using Govern 365

Advantages of Govern 365 Based VDR

Virtual Data Rooms (VDR) have long been used in certain industries for sharing and distribution of highly sensitive information. However, this poses certain challenges for companies using them:

  • Lack of data sovereignty (data must be stored in their cloud)
  • Proliferation of several encryption technologies (DRM)
  • Lack productivity features offered in Microsoft 365
  • Requires users to learn a solution-specific interface

Govern 365's Virtual Data Rooms on Microsoft 365 protects your sensitive information using the software you already own and love, while ensuring data sovereignty. It also leverages DRM technology provided by Microsoft Purview.


Leverage Microsoft 365 as a VDR for

Financial transfers and Fundraising
Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions
Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Collaboration across complex distributed supply chains
Board communications
Sensitive data exchange during client engagements
Joint Deal Management
Legal Proceedings
Research and Development

Everyone's Essential VDR

Govern 365's Virtual Data Room is lean and affordable, offering the essential protection and encryption features that most customers need without all the feature bloat and expensive pricing of many industry-specific alternatives.

Best of all, Govern 365's VDR:

  • Let's you use your software you own and love (SharePoint & Teams)
  • Ensures data sovereignty by keeping your data inside your Microsoft 365 tenant
  • Eliminates the need for data duplication
  • Leverages Microsoft's global DRM technology/platform


DOWNLOAD Our VDR Whitepaper



Rethinking Virtual Data Rooms Using Microsoft 365 & Govern 365

In this whitepaper, learn how Govern 365 enables your team to easily use Microsoft 365 Workspaces (SharePoint Sites, Groups, Teams) as VDRs to securely share sensitive information. Using Govern 365, you can create VDRs in your Microsoft 365 tenant, download it today to learn more about how Govern 365 can:

  • Store data inside your Microsoft 365 tenant
  • Leverage the state-of-the-art security technologies provided with Microsoft 365
  • Enable automatic watermarking
  • Protect different types of content
  • Support unlimited number of files and VDR support

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