Elevating Data Security in Law Firms with Govern 365
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Elevating Data Security in Law Firms with Govern 365

Hosted on December 07, 2023

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Gursimran Singh
Gursimran Singh
Principal Consultant

Are you dealing with copyrights and trade secrets, sensitive client files, or executing M&A? Do you need to collaborate and share sensitive data in a secure manner?

Watch our webinar, “Elevating Data Security in Law Firms with Govern 365“.

Gain valuable insight and expert guidance on how to secure your sensitive documents and mitigate cybersecurity risks using Govern 365 Virtual Data Room (VDR) powered by Microsoft’s Security suite.

We’ll cover how you can:

  • Ensure strong document protection
  • Securely collaborate on sensitive content in your VDR
  • Manage permissions and remove access for a file, even if it has been downloaded
  • Prevent screenshots and screen sharing
  • Block copying, printing of files, and much more
  • Derive maximum value from all your Microsoft Security products
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