Webinar: Microsoft 365 Governance & Adoption

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Microsoft 365 Governance & Adoption

In this session, we will show you some of the key steps that organizations should take to ensure the most value is returned from an Office 365 investment and the cost of impacting productivity potential with improper governance. We also look into what you should include in your adoption strategy and how to monitor, gain insight & take action to ensure the health of your Office 365 Tenant.

Microsoft Office 365 Governance & Adoption Webinar

Presenter: Andrew Sutton

Andrew Sutton is Practice Director at Netwoven. He has been with the company for over 10 years. He leads our Content & Collaboration practice and has extensive experience building a global team & global delivery experience. He also acts as our product manager for Office 365 Governance Application.

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Niraj Tenany

Niraj is Chief Executive Officer and a Co-founder of Netwoven, responsible for the strategic vision and direction. Niraj has been working with Fortune 500 companies to implement large-scale enterprise systems for the past 30 years.